GETTIN’ OFF 4X4 Off-Road Club – June 11 Meeting Minutes

2012-2013 Officers: President: Terry, VP: Brian B, Treasurer: Don, Secretary: Paul E.

Meeting Time & Location: Every 2nd Tuesday at 7, Antonella’s Ristorante, 1701 Park Avenue, San Jose , CA 95126 (408) 279-4922. 
7:00 Buffet Dinner $10: Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Bread, Soft drinks. To help Antonella’s cover the cost of hosting our meeting in the patio dining area, members are encouraged to enjoy the buffet dinner or order from the menu. 

7:30 Meeting Start


President –  Terry: Dues are Due next month, $60. Terry also asked about Gary’s health status, and it was mentioned he is at home but it is has been tough. He is requiring antibiotics and a wheelchair to move around. Our best thoughts and prayers are with Gary for a solid recovery. Gary we all miss you, and hope to see you soon !
Vice President – Brian: Noted his son Albert has a significant concert coming up. All are invited, and see information in Brian’s email from about 1 week ago.
Treasurer – Don: Noted we have about $X in the account.
Secretary – Paul: (did I say anything important?)
Members Attending – Good turnout: Ron, Roger, Eric, Lyle, Paul H, Paul E, Alicia, Don, Rahul, Aaron, Randy, Brian,
Guests – Matt
1) DUES are DUE: $60/yr ($45 for access advocacy, $15 to club account). Bring check or cash to next meeting.
2) Club member participation points. Terry will bring point chart to net meeting.  Points begin to tally July 1. Idea is to award a point winner once per quarter, and an overall annual winner. Awards may include dinners at Antonella’s, club dues, gift cert’s to Harbor Freight Tools, etc.
3) NEW MEMBER ! Matt has just met the run and meeting attendance requirements, and was voted-in by the membership. Congratulations Matt ! Alicia will add him onto the mail list.
4) Eric updated our web site, and appears in Google searches now. Related: after the meeting we talked about printing business cards to hand out, promoting the club.
1) Paul: Passed smog check with full 33″ tires. I guess that new cat is working good. No issues, except if you use an aftermarket locking gas cap, be sure to engage or click it in the fully locked position before the technician tests it. They leak in the unlocked position. Fortunately I had spare cap on hand.
2) Paul H – Broke front outer axle at Hollister during a simple turn; totally unexpected !
3) Don – new pinion seal installed, was leaking.
4) Matt –  4.7 installed, Marlin Crawler TC, excellent.
RECENT RUNS & ‘Chances to Lock Axles’:
1) May 18 – Hollister Hills. Anyone go? Yes, glad to hear a few were able go – Paul H, Don & Matt. Matt was having traction issues uphill until he discovered it was not in 4WD(oops). A few fender blemishes were added too. Paul had the axle break. Hope all had good time otherwise.
UPCOMING RUNS – New dates!
1) June 15 – Slick Rock. Your trail leaders will be Brian / Paul. Hwy 4 protocol. We have Brian, Paul, Aaron, Ron & Rahul signed up. If time allows afterward we’ll run the Round Valley route, which starts just east of the Bear Valley Ski Area. Meet at 7:30 Arco at Grant Line Rd or  9:15 Burger King in Angels Camp or 11 am Spicer Meadows Rd parking lot off Hwy 4.
2) July 20-21 (new date) – Shaver Lake Area Pre-run for the BBQ in August. We’ll check out access for camping & trailers, and some of the shorter routes up there. A possible place to camp with trailer access is where the Cal4’s High Sierra Poker Run is based, however this is a “primitive” camp (no water; maybe chemical toilets), so we’ll look for a group camp with improved facilities also.
3) Aug (15) 16,17,18 – BBQ Run. Shaver Lake Area. We’ll have a potluck BBQ and prizes for everyone. Camp with the group or motel in the town of Shaver lake. We have not been to Shaver Lake area for a some time; it will be new trails for many of us.
4) September 14: Terry proposed Deer Valley or Barrett Lake. Unfortunately the access to these trials is currently limited or closed, due the anti’s lawsuit against Eldorado Nat Forest. It is possible the status of these routes will change in the next 4-6 weeks, either for the better or worse. (then there’s always Barney Riley !)
5) Early October – Lyle and Randy are hoping to run to Colorado and Moab. Superb wheeling for about one week.
6) November: Adopt-A-Trail in early Nov. and Panamint Valley during & after Thanksgiving.
**Chris W had mentioned he may lead a proper Rubicon Run from Loon Lake this summer (Jeep Jamboree is Aug 8-11. Jeeper’s Jamboree is ?.)**
Meeting adjournment: 8:15 PM. Next meeting: July 9.
Chime-in if I missed something !
Paul E