GETTIN’ OFF 4X4 Off-Road Club – May 14 Meeting Minutes

2012-2013 Officers: President: Terry, VP: Brian B, Treasurer: Don, Secretary: Paul E.
Meeting Time & Location: Every 2nd Tuesday at 7, Antonella’s Ristorante, 1701 Park Avenue, San Jose , CA 95126 (408) 279-4922. 
7:00 Buffet Dinner $10: Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Bread, Soft drinks. To help Antonella’s cover the cost of hosting our meeting in the patio dining area, members are encouraged to enjoy the buffet dinner or order from the menu. 

7:30 Meeting Start


President –  Terry: No special announcements, other than noting Gary had to go to the hospital due to issues with his foot healing properly. Our best wishes and prayers go out to Gary for a full recovery. See you soon, Gary !
Vice President – Brian: Present. Announced his son Albert was accepted with a substantial scholarship into a music major program at ? (sorry Brian, I forgot the name) and will be having an organ and harpsichord recital in El Cerrito very soon. Brian will send an email with all the info, times, etc. Congratulations Albert !
Treasurer – Don:  Brought T-shirt box, for Rahul.
Secretary – Paul: Call to action on the RTP. Email the governor & your local state legislators. Info below.
Members Attending –  Brad, Don, Aaron, Rahul, Brian, Terry, Eric, Roger, Paul, Alicia.
Guests – Matt.
1) Award points for member participation. Chris created a spreadsheet to tally points for club activities attended. Award points will begin to tally July 1. Plans are to award a winner once per quarter, and an overall winner for the year. Awards may include dinners at Antonella’s, club dues, gift cert’s to Harbor Freight Tools, etc.
2) We opened the meeting for any new nominations for club board members for the 2013-2014 term. No new nominations were proposed. A simple aye/nay voice vote was taken to elect those previously nominated, which consisted of the current board. The current board was re-elected.
3) Don gave Rahul his official GO 4×4 Club T-shirt. Ask Don if you would like a club T-shirt and/or patch.
4) Gov Brown just announced his 2013-14 Budget. It proposes to remove California from the nationwide Recreational Trails Program (RTP). Don Amador, who is the Northern Calif. consultant to Cal4 on natural resources, wrote briefly on this, at: Email the governor & your local state legislators to say NO way. I sent emails to Gov Brown and my local representative.
5) Vehicles or 4×4 stuff for sale? Post items at Enter a new Subject line for each listing.
1) Paul E – Heard rattle sound near transfer case when idling. Thought it might be a loose bearing race in the transmission, kinda sounded like it. Holding the muffler with a gloved hand stopped the rattle. Phew! Was actually the cat. conv. coming part inside. I don’t like more rattles than necessary, so had the cat & muffler replaced at Joe’s at Calabazas RV. Contrary to popular lore, the cat itself was only about $160, not too bad. Maybe this will get me off the ‘gross-polluter’ list at smog check time. Each replacement cat now has to be registered with the State Of CA ARB, in triplicate paperwork!
2) Brad – belt issues, but motor running sweet.
3) Rahul – New axle & lockers installed ! Ford 8.8 in rear, D30 up front. ARBs f/r, 4.11 ring & pinion. Ready to rock ! (not roll)
4) Don – Two new “meats” (tires)
5) Eric – (re-?) painting rock rails.
RECENT RUNS & ‘Chances to Lock Axles’:
1) April 20 : Adopt-A-Trail / Sourgrass up Hwy 4. Great turnout on this run ! Work was mostly draining big puddles off the trail surface, not much trimming or litter pick-up needed. Terry invited the Lock and Load club to join us, but none came. There was no snow on the trail, but plenty up the highway at Slick Rock, where some of us went afterward. Kudos to Alane for navigating the TJ over all the trails ! Don camped overnight there and met a few of the Joaquin Jeepers, who are the adopters of Slick Rock trail. Photos:
UPCOMING RUNS – New dates & places announced !
1) May 18 – Hollister Hills. We meet at the obstacle course area at the Upper Ranch about 9 am. Get the upper ranch gate code from the lower main entrance station. Bring a lunch. Don & Matt expressed interest. Do send out an email to the club if you are going !
2) June 15 – Slick Rock or Barney Riley. Your trail leaders will be Brian & Paul, as Terry is booked-out in June. Slick Rock is a full one day trip, while Barney Riley is best as an overnight (June 14-15 or 15-16).
3) July 26-27 or 27-28 – Shaver Lake Area. This is a Pre-run for the BBQ run in August. We’ll check out access for camping & trailers, and some of the shorter routes up there. A good place to camp with trailer access is where the Cal4’s High Sierra Poker Run is based. Our club has not been to Shaver Lake area for a long time.
  • The room pricing at Cal-Neva Lodge turned out to be a bit higher than preferred ($80-$100+). Members thought regular camping would be just fine, per tradition. Shaver Lake does have accommodations too, but they are no cheaper than Cal-Neva Lodge.
  • Unfortunately Deer Valley, Barrett Lake, Strawberry Pass, & most of Pardoe and others remain closed up by Eldorado National Forest. Some trails now closed might re-open for summer 2013)
4) Aug (15) 16,17,18 – BBQ Run. Shaver Lake Area. Campsite & routes to be run are tbd, based on the Pre-Run in July.
  • If you happen to be in the northwest Tahoe area, there are several good trails up there.
  • Chris W had mentioned he may lead a proper Rubicon Run from Loon Lake. Hopefully this still can take place. Jeep Jamboree is Aug 8-11. Jeeper’s Jamboree is ?.
5) September: Lyle and Randy are planning a trip to Colorado and/or Moab. Superb wheeling if you can get about a week off.
6) Early Oct: could swap with the Shaver Lake / Colorado runs.
7) Nov: Adopt-A-Trail. Hwy 4, Sourgrass Route and/or Panamint Valley.
8:30 PM: Meeting adjournment.
Next meeting: June 11.
Chime-in if I missed something !
Paul E