GETTIN’ OFF 4WD Off-Road Club – June14 Meeting Minutes

Website: . We meet monthly, every 2nd Tuesday Next meeting is July 12, Round Table Pizza at 1220 Oakmead Pkwy in Sunnyvale.

Meeting minutes are distributed a few days after each club meeting.
7:34 PM – Meeting begins


President – Terry: Welcomed guests & members.
Vice President – Pau;: Present, no reports. First meeting as new VP
Treasurer – Don: Unable to attend; club account has about $1100
Secretary – Brian: Present, no reports. First meeting as Sect.
Members Attending – No list obtained but a bunch
Brand New Members this month – none this month.
Guests Attending – Scott and family ’15 JK , Chris C ’96 4Runner, Sherman S. ’14 JK Ult.

1) We’re getting quite a few inquiries about the club through the net

2) New fiscal year, $60/yr (prorated $5/mth). Terry explained how our dues are split ($15 club/$45 for donation to wheeling related causes) Also for the guests, 3 meeting and 2 runs for membership.

2) We are updating the the members list. If you joined in the the last year or two, or need to update old data, Don our treasurer says: “..the Board is working to create an updated listing of members’ phone numbers, cities of residence, and of course being sure your current email address is current. Feel free to email me the pertinent data (you may use my personal email of, and I will update our records. Your info remains in strict confidence…”

3) We met at RTP for the first time tonight. (Round Table at 1220 Oakmead Pkwy in Sunnyvale, 7-8:30 pm. )  We will meet here for the next 2 months and decide either to stay or find a more family style restaurant. Pizza is good but can get boring.
We are looking for a restaurant with a meeting room that holds about 25, has good parking in front, and reasonable prices. Ideally it is located in the ‘golden triangle defined by: south of 237, west of 880, and north/east of 101. Given that most are originating from Santa Clara area, we may want to avoid the northeast corner of Milpitas due to commute traffic at 7pm. Somewhere on or near Montague Expressway or Trimble or Brokaw looks about right, for example. Email your suggestions to the group or board. The Old Omega (Amigo?) Restaurant in Milpitas was mentioned as an future option.

4) Paul brought up the idea of becoming 503C. We’ll look into the pro’s and con’s

1) Eric – found out the front end was out of alignment. Fixed noe so he will start running his larger tires.
2) Randy – passed smog check by so he is street legal again!
3) Tom W has 2 4×4 vehicles for sale from his shop: ’90 Jeep Wrangler asking $900; ’68 Ford F100, asking $1000.
4) Joe – His engine is done, delivered in a few weeks. Looking forward to having it up by July 1st.
5) Grant- Swap in Currie Anti-Rocks. Issues with rubbing that he is trying to fix
6) Paul- Looking for aftermarket sway bar disconnect that eliminates having to un-pin the connections. Other are interested and will be looking into it.

Adopt-a trail May 14: Aka Pine Needle Flat Trail Aka Sourgrass Trail. Terry reports 12 rigs. Very little trash. Met the Ranger Jeff H who is tracking the service of clubs on the trails Nice man, seems to be pro OHV. Paul sent him a link to some pictures. He couldn’t wheel the trail with us, but we’ll invite him for a ride along/picnic for the closing run. The most fun was removing a very large fallen tree. Cleared it, but considered making it a gate keeper.


June 25 – Slick Rock . This will be an optional overnight, for those who want to camp “at the slabs” the night before. After the run, camp at Lake Alpine or nearby

July 14,15,16 – Rubicon. These days should avoid any jamborees or major events on the ‘Con.

August 26-27-28 BBQ Run. Looks like it’s Niagara Rim this year ! (since we ran Bear Valley Loop Trail last year). Still open to suggestions, but looking more like Niagara.

Sept – Barrett Lake. Just re-opened for wheeling late last year.

Oct – TBD
8:15 PM – Meeting adjourns

If there are any corrections, clarifications or updates, please chime-in. If you are an active member your name should be on this list:
Aaron, Alicia, Brad, Brian, Chris W, Chris S, Dimas, Don, Eric, Gary, Genna, Grant, Jon, Joe, Lyle, Marco, Mario, Matt, Michael, Paul E, Paul H, Rahul, Randy, Roger, Ron, Stan, Steve, Terry, Tom K, Tom W.

Campfire Permits are available at for fires at developed & undeveloped camping spots. You must also check with the current local forest rules-in-force before making a campfire also.