Upcoming Runs

June 21,22
Where: Hollister Hills, meet at the Schoolhouse in the Upper Ranch area at 10 AM.
Trail Lead: tbd
Notes: Central coast (Garcia Ridge. Pozo/La Panza) deemed too far to drive for so-so wheeling. 

July 19,20
Where: Strawberry PassTrail
Lead: Notes: Day run. for Strawberry Pass: Drive up Hwy 50, Milestone Tract 42 (before hamlet of Strawberry) to Hwy 88 (Caples Lake Hwy Maint Statn), drive home on 88.

August 16,17,18, (Fri,Sat,Sun)  – Gary Moody Mem. BBQ Run
Where: Hwy 88, Pardoe Trail, Overnight at Lower Bear River Reservoir, South Shore campground.

Sept. 20,21,22
Where: Rubicon or Swamp Lake / Bald Mountain (Shaver Lake area)Trail Lead: tbd
Notes: Overnight trail camping. 33s with rear locker minimum
OPTION: Colorado or Utah. Joe can take us up Black Bear Pass, Cross City, or Moab trails.

October 19
Where: Adopt-A-Trail. Or, Strawberry Pass if was not run in JulyTrail
Lead:  (for Straw. Pass: Paul)
Notes: Day run. For A-a-T: See Hwy 4 ‘Protocol’ below. 

Nov 28,29,30
Where: Panamint and/or Death ValleyTrail
Lead: Joe / Alicia / Eric G ?
Notes: Overnight, Turkey Trot

Meeting Location



Runolfson Restoration
280 Martin Avenue
Suite 7 – all the way in the back
Santa Clara, CA 95050

This is near the San Jose Airport.
Directions Here (Google Maps)

A dinner will be available starting at 7pm until meeting start.

Members and attending guests will receive meeting minutes that will be published after each monthly meeting via email.