Upcoming Runs


1) May 26 – Open invitation for a Sierra Run. Brian is trial lead. Details to follow. (wish I could go, ed.)

2) June 2 – Adopt-A-Trail clean-up AND Slick Rock. Sourgrass Route, Hwy 4. Nice, reasonably challenging trails, not far from the Bay Area. We should liaise with Stan. FS OHV coord. this year. Slick Rock may include sort of a pre-run for Terry & Alane’s wedding site later this year.

3) July 7 – Pre-Run to Bear Valley Loop Trail. Scout out as alternate for Pardoe-Squaw BBQ RUN due to likely route closure. Overnight, camp or motel.

4) July 14 – Woodside Tank Tour – Visit this rare military museum on the peninsula. Your ~$20 entrance donation helps support thismuseum. Details from Lyle to follow.

5) August 10, 11, 12. BBQ RUN. Pardoe-Squaw Ridge if not closed, or maybe Bear Valley Loop if Pardoe-Squaw closed. Saturday evening is the BBQ and gift lottery. Signed-up so far: Brad+1, Don, Paul, Terry+3, Aaron, Mario, Chris+?, Brian+?, Ron, Gary B.
It was mentioned Bear Valley Loop trial may be affected by the Eldorado closures. I’m pretty sure it’s not since Bear Valley Loop is in Tahoe NF, not Eldo. But could someone check this anyway?

6) September 15 (proposed; pun intended)- Slick Rock: Terry & Alane’s wedding !

7) Oct 12,13,14 (proposed) – Eastern Sierra: Barney Riley or Mammoth Lakes area (several cool trails up there). Trail lead: Paul
Contact us if interested in going on any of these runs.