GETTIN’ OFF 4X4 Off-Road Club – Dec 21 Meeting Minutes

2012-2013 Officers: President: Terry, VP: Brian B, Treasurer: Don, Secretary: Paul E.
Meeting Time & Location: Every 2nd Tuesday at 7, Antonella’s Ristorante (patio area), 1701 Park Avenue, San Jose , CA 95126 (408) 279-4922.

4:30 Meeting Start

WELCOME and Board Reports

President – Terry: Welcomed all members & guests to the meeting & Christmas party. Spoke about the Toys-4-Tots run.
Vice President – Brian:
Treasurer – Don: “financially sound”
Secretary – Paul: Spoke briefly on recent trail access rulings & legislation. See ‘Saving Our Trails’ below.
Members Attending (1 point): Aaron, Alane+kids, Alicia, Brad+guest, Brian, Chris+Layla, Don, Gary+guest, Joe, Lyle, Paul E, Paul H+spouse?, Mario+daughter, Matt, Randy, Roger, Terry, Tom.
Guests Visiting – Surprise guests were Amy G & Joe S. Great to see all the guests attending !


1) (from prev. mtg) To promote our club, an idea is to print some simple ‘business’ cards to handout on the trail. If you’ve had experience with this, please assist. Someone noted Brad may have best quality digital artwork with newest logo. No activity yet.

2) (from prev. mtg) We asked if the club’s website should it be updated every month, or just include general info. Terry said should we have current info, and most agreed. This will show the club as fully active. We needed someone to update the website at least once per month, and Rahul has graciously volunteered ! (we should not publish any member’s emails, last names, telephone numbers, dollar amounts, other personal information, to protect the integrity of the club and the privacy of members). Thanks Rahul !


(no reports this month)

RECENT RUNS & ‘Chances to Lock Axles’

1) November 28-30 – Thanksgiving weekend, Panamint Valley+DV. Joe headed this run which included northern routes in DV & Panamint Valley. Included were Lemounge Canyon, Loolout City, Defense Mine. Had Thanksgiving Dinner at Panamint Springs Resort, wheeling on Friday & Saturday. Joe arrived before Thursday for pre-runs. There were some county road outages-closures that shaped the itinerary. On the run: Joe, Alicia, Eric, Dave, Aaron, Ron, (anyone else? ; Sorry I did not get all the places Joe spoke of, but it sounds like they had plenty of places to explore; ed.)

2) December 4 – Toys for Tots Run. 3 PM, school parking lot across from Antonella’s & caravan’ed to Christmas-in-the-Park in downtown San Jose to drop off un-wrapped gifts for children, sponsered by Marines. Big Thanks to those who participated: Joe, Alicia, Aaron, Alaine, Ron, Gary, Tom, Lyle, Roger, Brad, Eric(?). Drop off location changed to the other side, & caused a bit of confusion. Went well overall.

3) December 21, 4:00 PM – Holiday Party & Dinner at Antonella’s! Our monthly meeting was followed by our Christmas Dinner Party. The dinner Antonella’s was excellent as always. Each member & guest brought a wrapped gift for the gift ‘swap-o-rama’. The hot item was the the hand-held search light, “stolen” 3 times (the max). Festivities ended about 7:30.

UPCOMING RUNS (2 points)

1) Dec 26 though Dec 29/30 – Panamint Valley, staying in Area 52. Lyle & Randy are there right now, through this weekend. Temperature should be very nice there now. Enjoy !

2) January 14 – Monthly Meeting at Antonellas, 7:00 pm.

3) January 18 – Hollister Hills

4) February 22 – Snow Run. Suggestions open.

–Brief update–

1) Signed by Obama yesterday, the US Defense Appropriations Bill will allow Johnson Valley to be shared with the Dept Of the Navy (Marines) rather than fully deeded to them. The compromise will allow Johnson Valley to be used for Marines training for 60 days per year, the remaining time for public recreation access. In the deal the Navy will get some new permanent land from the BLM, just not the larger popular areas traditionally used by off-roaders and the Hammers races.
2) A Calif judge in Sacramento upheld the “demurer” placed by attorneys from the state of CA (Kamela Harris’s office), which says that PEER/DPC do not have legal standing, as argued, to enforce the land management policies within Calif State Parks, OHV Division, Ocotillo Wells SVRA. CORVA was influential as an intervener in this ruling. PEER/DPC will probably appeal, so it’s not a 100% done deal yet.
3) In not so great news, federal judge said that Tahoe National Forest’s newly restrictive Travel Management Plan was legal, which closes 800 miles of existing routes there. This may be appealed also.

Although these rulings may not seem to directly affect our favorite wheeling locations, they set legal precedence for potential future attacks on our favorite areas, such as Stanislaus & Eldorado NFs, Panamint and Hollister.

~5:15 pm Meeting end, Dinner Party begins.