Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting

GETTIN’ OFF 4X4 Off-Road Club – Tues Oct 9 Meeting Agenda

2011-12 Officers: President: Terry, VP: Brian, Treasurer: Don, Secretary: Paul E.

Meeting Time & Location: Every 2nd Tuesday at 7, Antonella’s Ristorante, 1701 Park Avenue, San Jose , CA 95126 (408) 279-4922

7:00 Buffet Dinner – $10. Chicken Pasta, Spinach Salad, Pizza! To help Antonella’s cover the cost of having our meeting in the patio dining area, all members are encouraged to enjoy the buffet dinner offered each month. You may also order from the main menu too! 



1) New Gettin-Off 4WD Club Web. NOW ACTIVE as you can see!

2) Member list distribution. Pending…Terry, Don & I to create soon.(ed: my bad, I need get it going again)

3) SPOT Location Beacon. Brian will bring to meeting.

4) Stuff for sale? Post related items for sale to the group. Enter new Subject text for each new listing.


1) Paul – New rear yoke install seems ok, no noise / vibration.

RECENT RUNS & ‘Chances to Lock Axles’:


1) Oct 9-12 – Moab, once again! NOTE DAT E CHANGE- No news seen from Lyle on yahoogroups. Leaving or Left Tues, Oct 9. Stay or camp ‘Moab Daves’ to save $. Lyle & Randy organizing. Fantastic place to wheel.

2) Oct 12-14  – Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes area:

Option A: See emails Sept 26 Oct 2 for full details.

Friday drive up to Mammoth. Saturday, Deadman Pass to 11000 ft (26E201); & perhaps Devil’s Postpile Nat. Monmt. Afternoon run up to Laurel Lakes(28E201), southeast of Mammoth. Sunday, we lock-up on Wheeler Ridge Mine Rd. (×4/wheeler.html) & spoiler alert: Sunday afternoon: head home, or for Monday: run trail up to Bristlecone Pine Forest or Sweetwater Mountains. Lots of camping & motels in Mammoth Lakes area.

Option B: Mike Gill & I and ??? may opt to run the Sweetwater Route & Bode Hills, among others, Sat & Sunday.

3) Oct 27 or Nov. 3 Adopt-A-Trail – Sourgrass route, Hwy 4 protocol.

4) Nov. 21- 25 Turkey Trot to Panamint Valley.

5) December: Toys for Tots & Holiday Dinner Run.

6) Thinking way ahead here, February 2013 will be Terry’s 20th, & last, run to Death Valley. In 2014, (or sooner?) Terry plans to have a desert run but perhaps not to DV or Panamint, to try other trials, and it will be in April, with better & more predictable weather.


Save Our Trail news

Big issues in California are: (bold=newly noted)

1) Closing of 42 Eldorado NF trails by the Forest Service for all of 2012 and into 2013, due to a lawsuit from the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation, Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Some sections of trails re-opened in July. Continue to write Eldo NF and federal legislators.

2) Voting of Calif. Senate & Assembly to take $10-$31 Million from Calif OHV Trust Fund. Gov Brown partial vetoed, only approved $7M, and limited grants to $10M for next fiscal year. After all this mess, another debacle is where another $54M state park funds were found: $21M from state parks entrance fees, and $33M from the OHV Trust Fund collections. Surprisingly, I heard Senator Simitian (D-Palo Alto) stated the $33M from OHV sources should go directly back into OHV, not state park general funds.

3) Johnson Valley – 29 Palms Marine Base Expansion. Would be sad to see this area permanently closed. Write your national Assembly & Senate members. June 14, 2012: My federal Rep. Pete Stark (Demo, very liberal) wrote me back in an email stating “…I will be sure  to keep your thoughts in mind if future provisions regarding the Johnson Valley Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Area comes before the House.” Sept 9: Senator Feinstein finally wrote back to me in what appears to be a form letter directed to OHV and pro-access folk. Letter was just forwarded letter to everyone. It also talked about her new Desert Protection bill, S138.


a. Inyo NF wants to open new some routes and keep most existing routes but the antis have already begun suing the NF. Was just there! Lot of trails.

b. Plumas NF wants to close nearly all of the routes they have; the local counties now suing Plumas NF.

c. Cal4Wheel, BRC, and a Forest (logging) group recently filed a “friend of the court” appeal to the US Supreme Court that states the Roadless Rule (that Clinton signed just days before he left office) is unconstitutional. This has been going on for years. The supreme court just decided it will not hear the appeal, the Clinton era Roadless Rule will stand as law, at least for many years. Greenie’s are gloating. Halloween costume idea: “Gloating Greenie”.

d. Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit – Travel Management final planning underway now – something going here, not sure of details, info on NF web is poor. Anyone know about this? We’ve all run many routes around Lake Tahoe -great family runs & views. Last year one of my favorite routes near Oneida Rd. was closed, but this year it was open! hurray! In the 2012-13 LTBMU annual public newspaper “4-Wheeling” is actually noted with a photo & caption, as a legitimate public recreation activity along with fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, camping, wildlife viewing, etc., at Lake Tahoe.

e. Pacific Legal Foundation has just sued Tahoe NF for cutting forest routes by two-thirds (2400 to 800 miles).  BRC and Cal4Wheel supporting the lawsuit. What a shame all this bs & $$ has to be spent on this mess.

f. East Bay Regional Park Dostrict in Alameda & and Contra Costa is attempting to influence how OHV Trust Fund-purchased land, next to Carneg ire SVRA for OHV future expansion, will be developed. Just like Hollister SVRA expansion – many threats of litigation from NIMBYs & anti’s. Many OHV interests have strongly encouraged EBRPD to “stay away”. Much has been happening last few weeks regarding public comment; see Cal4 & BRC websites, &

g. Contact me (Paul E) if you are interested in the political realities of why Little Sluice Box was ‘filled-in’.

h. Dan Lungren is a friend of OHV recreation. Consider supporting him  now for re-election, in this hotly contested race.

There are several previous emails on these issues which contain additional action items & contacts.

Paul E

And we’re now live!

Welcome to the new GettinOff4x4 club web site. There will be additional changes coming here as additional information is added by club officers. Thanks for visiting, and check the calendar in the right margin for the time and date of our next meeting!

– Eric

Upcoming Runs


1) May 26 – Open invitation for a Sierra Run. Brian is trial lead. Details to follow. (wish I could go, ed.)

2) June 2 – Adopt-A-Trail clean-up AND Slick Rock. Sourgrass Route, Hwy 4. Nice, reasonably challenging trails, not far from the Bay Area. We should liaise with Stan. FS OHV coord. this year. Slick Rock may include sort of a pre-run for Terry & Alane’s wedding site later this year.

3) July 7 – Pre-Run to Bear Valley Loop Trail. Scout out as alternate for Pardoe-Squaw BBQ RUN due to likely route closure. Overnight, camp or motel.

4) July 14 – Woodside Tank Tour – Visit this rare military museum on the peninsula. Your ~$20 entrance donation helps support thismuseum. Details from Lyle to follow.

5) August 10, 11, 12. BBQ RUN. Pardoe-Squaw Ridge if not closed, or maybe Bear Valley Loop if Pardoe-Squaw closed. Saturday evening is the BBQ and gift lottery. Signed-up so far: Brad+1, Don, Paul, Terry+3, Aaron, Mario, Chris+?, Brian+?, Ron, Gary B.
It was mentioned Bear Valley Loop trial may be affected by the Eldorado closures. I’m pretty sure it’s not since Bear Valley Loop is in Tahoe NF, not Eldo. But could someone check this anyway?

6) September 15 (proposed; pun intended)- Slick Rock: Terry & Alane’s wedding !

7) Oct 12,13,14 (proposed) – Eastern Sierra: Barney Riley or Mammoth Lakes area (several cool trails up there). Trail lead: Paul
Contact us if interested in going on any of these runs.

An experimental WordPress site

Welcome to the new experimental WordPress web site. This will be moved to in place of the current web site once it’s ready. There’s still a fair amount of work to do with themes and such but this will be *much* easier to maintain than the old web site.

– Eric